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Have you given a presentation in which you felt half the audience was sleeping? In the July 2012 edition of Toastmasters Magazine, Tim Cigelske shares tips for overcoming this feeling in “Dealing With… Read More →


Top 5 Tips for Writing an Elevator Speech | The Brainy Gal – Virtual


Play around with a few different versions so you can tailor your speech to the person (or people) you are talking to. For example, dear Aunt Agnes might need a slightly different version of your speech than a potential client.


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These are few key takeaways that I found useful in my meeting. · Keep your speech simple and easy for the audience to absorb; · Know what audience wants to hear and tailor your content; · Always pay attention to audience


How to tailor a speech for different lengths While enjoying a day on Catalina Island, Carma Spence shares some tips on how to tailor a longer presentation so that you can give it in shorter periods of time. In this video, she makes reference to another video. Y…